Five characteristics of customized hardware bathroom

Update: 2016/08/04

Customized hardware bathroom products have received mor […]

Customized hardware bathroom products have received more and more attention from people in the industry, and Oupai hardware bathroom has resisted the banner of "customized hardware bathroom". Judging from the existing categories of the hardware sanitary ware industry, the opportunities for customization of ceramic products, hardware products and bathtub products are very small. First, it is subject to the manufacturing characteristics of the products, and the second is that consumers' personalized demand for such products is relatively weak. . From the current situation of the industry, customized hardware and bathroom products are mainly concentrated in the two areas of simple shower rooms and bathroom cabinets. The proportion of customized shower rooms even exceeds 70%, and some companies have even achieved 100% customization. Bathroom cabinets The proportion of customization is also increasing year by year.

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