Installation details of bathroom hardware in decoration

Update: 2016/08/04

There are both large projects and small details in the […]

There are both large projects and small details in the decoration. The bathroom hardware installation is the details of the decoration construction. Although it does not require much manpower and material resources, it needs to be handled carefully. Otherwise, it is likely to cause future home life. All kinds of trouble. Next, the editor of Aifuwo will introduce some small details before and after the installation of bathroom hardware. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

Before installing the faucet, be sure to flush the water supply pipeline thoroughly, remove impurities in the pipeline, and check whether the water supply pipeline is damaged; when installing, pay attention to the cold and hot water supply pipes not to be reversed; after installation, remove the bubbler , Showers and other easy-to-clog accessories, let the water flow out, and then reinstall it.

Before installing the floor drain, take out the floor drain core to prevent the sundries from falling in and affecting the use effect. The distance between the drain pipe and the ground should be filled with cement mortar, the drain pipe should be heightened, and the drain pipe should be cut short at a distance, so that the floor drain panel is slightly lower than the ground after the floor drain is installed.

The bathroom pendant is installed after the large product is installed, and it needs to be drilled on the wall with a percussion drill. It is recommended to ask a professional master to use a glass drill bit to make the hole of the tile first, and then use the impact drill to drill the cement, so as to avoid cracking the tile. When installing, determine the location of water pipes and wires according to the waterway and circuit diagram, and be sure to avoid water pipes and wires. In addition, do not directly touch the hardware, use a clean soft cloth to wrap it and then tighten it.

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