Founded in 1998, Dick Sanitary Ware is committed to providing customers with high-quality angle valves, hoses, basin sinks, bathtub sinks, faucets, floor drains, and toilet seals in compliance with the three principles of high standards, appropriateness, and high taste. Flush valves, showers, bathroom accessories, hand trays, hairdryer series, shower room spring hinge series, handrails, floor heating series, and other bathroom products, dedicated to creating high-quality bathroom space. "People-oriented" business philosophy, with "stable quality, reliable reputation, satisfactory service" as the purpose of setting up the factory, attaches importance to the recruitment and internal cultivation of talents, introduces various advanced production and testing equipment, and establishes a complete quality assurance system and after-sales service. All the products produced by the factory have undergone pressure leak-proof testing, and a number of technical parameters have been checked at the same time and passed the "National Light Industry Construction Hardware Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" to test that the product has a pass rate of 100%. In order to ensure that there is nothing wrong with our products in China All Ping An Insurance companies have insured product liability insurance to provide adequate after-sales protection., Market development, brand promotion, and other fields have achieved gratifying results, and have been at the forefront of the industry. The Dick brand has a certain reputation among the peers. Has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.